What Every Seller Needs To Know About Renovating This Year

If you're planning to sell this year, then it's likely that the first thing on your mind is what needs updating and renovating in order for potential buyers appeal. You need professional advice from someone who knows their local market well because there are so many different factors involved with getting ready before listing - but these three things should be at top of mind when making any decisions about projects needing attention right now!


1. The Number of Homes for Sale Is Very Low

housing inventory sits far below what is normally considered a balanced market. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), this latest data indicates that there's an all-time low for homes on sale in America—and it could mean big things if you're looking at selling your house! With such limited supply and high demand from potential buyers...you'll find yourself with multiple offers quickly or even without having had any communication whatsoever regarding their intentions towards buying said property; which means they might be willing take less than expected so as long as someone can finally make contact soon enough


Homebuyers today are more willing to do whatever it takes, whether that’s putting in a little extra work or not.


2. Buyers May Be Willing To Take on Projects When They Purchase Your House

We all know that buyers want to remodel the bathrooms and kitchens of their new homes. But what if they're not willing? What should you do then, with an older home where costly repairs are needed before any upgrades can happen in order for it to be sellable again!


I've got 3 options based on how structural conditions look:  1) Cosmetic updates like power washing exterior 2) Smaller projects such as updating paint or fridge and  3).Finishing up major work including replacing Heritage hardwood floors.


Your Agent Will Help You Spotlight the Upgrades You’ve Made

Last year, many homeowners made updates to their homes.


Homeowners have been working on their homes for the past year, making updates that will appeal to buyers. Your real estate advisor is sure to point these upgrades out in your listing.


When it comes to your home, you want the best for yourself and those who will come after. That means investing in a renovation project with expert advice from an agent specializing in real estate sales so that when this season rolls around there are no surprises or setbacks along the way - just peace of mind knowing all is taken care off before hand!


There’s nothing more important than knowing where to invest your time and energy before you list a home. Let's connect so I can help plan out the best strategy for YOU!v

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