How Staging Your Home Can Make You More Money

How Staging Your Home Can Make You More Money

If you are selling your home, how would you like to make 6%, 7%, 8% or MORE money on that sale? Today we are going to talk about staging your home and how it can make you more money. 

 Hey everyone, Suneet Agarwal here with the Best Sac Home Group and today we are diving into home staging and the positive effects it has on your home selling process

 First of all, you need to understand that humans are naturally visual animals. On a psychological level, we make purchases based on what we see. A well staged home, or a poorly staged one, can make or break the sale. That’s a fact. 

The second thing you want to know is that people will base their price on the experience they had as they walked through your home. The layout of furniture and decor can make a place feel homey and livable. If your potential buyer can see not only four walls and a bed, but an actual home, you’re already halfway to winning them over. They will pay the extra cost to get the home they visualized. 

 When staging a home, the photos help sell the property. So many homes get listed with either poor quality photos that aren’t staged at all, or worse, use cell phone photos. That’s why we have entire teams of dedicated photographers to help sell your home. 

 Think about it! 6-10% of a home can be anywhere from 20-40 thousand more dollars in your sale. 

 If YOU want to make 20-40 thousand dollars more on your home sale, give us a call. 

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