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Greetings, Sacramento! As the beautiful golden hues of fall envelop our city, it's time to sit down in our cozy nooks and discuss the heartbeats of our local housing market. While the weather cools down, the question on everyone’s minds is: How's the real estate sector faring?

Setting The Stage

First off, let's paint a broader picture. Over the past year, the Sacramento housing market has been a rollercoaster ride. Whether you're a homeowner, a prospective buyer, or just a curious onlooker, there's been plenty to talk about.

Diving Deep into the Numbers

For those with a penchant for stats and trends, September has thrown us some curveballs. In September, a total of 2,458 homes found new owners.

This figure might feel a little underwhelming when we consider the 3,162 from September of 2022 – that’s a decrease of 22.3%.

Now, if we weigh this against August's numbers (2,860 homes), it’s a 14.1% decrease. Historically, fall has always been a bit laid-back when it comes to real estate transactions. But this year, it seems the market took that trend a bit more seriously. The correlation between the cooler climate and the ‘cooler’ market is too hard to ignore.

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What This Means For Buyers

For those eagerly house-hunting, you might've noticed the streets were a little emptier. A 33.6% decrease from last year translates to 2,447 fewer opportunities to claim your dream home. It's not just the changing leaves; options are falling off too.

But despair not, hopeful buyers! With every cloud, there's a silver lining. This month also gifted us with a 5.5% increase in inventory compared to the previous month. This means more homes are getting listed, giving you a broader canvas to find that perfect abode.

Dollars and Cents of the Matter

Ah, the all-important question: How much? The homes that changed hands in September did so with an average price tag of $618,000. This sees a 5.6% increase from 2022’s $585,000 and a modest 1.5% rise from August's $609,000.

This increase suggests that, even though the market is cooling in volume, the demand and perceived value remain robust.

Insight for Sellers and Agents

For those playing the real estate game from the other side of the field, the Sold Price vs. Original List Price ratio stood firm at 98%. This metric gives sellers an idea of the current market's bargaining temperament. With homes selling for 98% of the list price, this not only matches last month's stats but indicates a stronger seller's market than last year.

In simpler terms, sellers are in a dominant position. Buyers, gear up for some hard negotiations.

Predicting the Upcoming Months

Predicting the real estate market is akin to predicting the weather, but trends do offer hints. The holiday season usually heralds a slow market. But the numbers, and more importantly, the sentiments indicate that prices might not just remain stable but might even witness an upward tick.

For sellers, this might mean fewer visitors, but those who do show up at your doorstep are serious contenders. And buyers, it's a wild hunt out there. While the perfect house might be harder to find, it's definitely out there waiting.

Sacramento's Unique Value Proposition

Remember, Sacramento isn't just any market. It's a vibrant, evolving community. With its rich history, cultural dynamism, and the promise of growth, real estate here isn't just about brick and mortar; it's about being part of something bigger.

Why Choose Us

While numbers and trends give you an idea, navigating this market requires experience and local expertise. That’s where we, The Best Sac Homes Group, come into the picture. We pride ourselves on understanding this market better than anyone else.


Sacramento, you're not just a city; you're a community, a family. And as we wrap up this market update, we want you to know that we're here, always ready to serve and guide you through your housing journeys.

Till our next update, keep those sweaters handy and stay wonderful, Sacramento!

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