The Biggest Complaint About Realtors.

The Biggest Complaint About Realtors...

The National Association of Realtors or NAR did a survey recently and the number one complaint against realtors is the lack of communication.

This can manifest in a few different ways but the most common is not getting timely responses to your questions or concerns.

Today, I will tell you the number one complaint against realtors is the lack of communication. Realtors are not paid in hourly pay or salary but instead are paid in commission. Because of this, some realtors may not be as responsive to their clients. What this means is that realtors are constantly working to get new clients and may not have the time to respond to all their current clients. This can be frustrating for people who are trying to buy or sell a home.

The Best Sac Homes Group understands that buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. That is why we are committed to being available to our clients whenever they need us. We understand that communication is key in any relationship and we will always do our best to keep you informed throughout the process.

So when you reach out to your agent that is not available, or not responsive, ask yourself this question. Is my agent working for me? Or are they only interested in their commission? If you want an agent that is committed to you and your needs, then contact The Best Sac Homes Group today! We know how important it is to stay in communication with our clients and will always do our best to be available when you need us.

If you're looking for an agent that will be there for every step of your journey, look no further than the Best Sac Homes Group. We're here for you to ensure that your real estate journey is as smooth as possible. Thank you so much for your time today and we'll see you on the next video.

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