The Housing Market and Interest Rates Inteview with Fox 40 News

From stalled-out interest rates to high home prices in California, real estate headlines have been flooding our newsfeeds! I joined  Fox40 News to share what they mean for home buyers and sellers and why they should remain optimistic.

Interest Rates

Homeowners are waiting for a rate cut after the federal reserve made the official announcement.

However, it has not happened yet.

This does not mean you should not buy a home.  Even at the current interest rates, it is still worth the investment.

You have options!

If you are a current homeowner or looking to get into the housing market at today rates, you could always refinance your mortgage to the lower rates when rate cuts come into play to save yourself thousands of dollars.

The main thing a potential home buyer needs to consider is:

Can you afford to make the repayments at today's interest rates and not get yourself into hot water while you wait for those rates to come down?

Historically they are still great.

Home prices keep going up while availability keeps going down. It is a tricky market to navigate but it does not mean you should not look at your options.

Moving House

Most people moving house are those who are relocating due to a job, changes to their family dynamics which is either shrinking or growing. 

There is also a good amount of inventory with a steady increase last month as well as an increase from last year. So there is a selection out there for the people who need to move.

When the school year ends people tend to move more due to their kids changing schools. This year is no different.

The NAR Settlement Explained

In the past the commission to buyer  was always published in the MLS listings and Zillow Feeds and the rest of the real estate feeds. 

However, moving foward the commisison will be negotiated and agreed between the agent and the buyer and it will then be included in the offer.

Regardless of these massive change we will ensure we work with the buyers and the sellers to get the best outcome for both parties.

If you you are looking to buy a home in Sacramento feel free to reach out!

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