The Truth About Selling in a Sellers’ Market (and What You Can Do About It)

Have you been considering selling your house? If so, then I have some good news for you! Seller’s markets are really beneficial when it comes to getting top dollar. In fact, there are a lot of talks lately about how strong these conditions currently suiting buyers wanting their homes offishELSEWHERE!! So what does this mean parenthetically speaking...

What Is a Sellers’ Market?

The National Association of Realtors has just released its latest Existing Home Sales Report, which shows that there are only 2 months worth of homes for sale at this current sales pace.

As the graph shows, historically a 6-month supply has been necessary for normal or neutral markets where homes are available. That puts today’s economy into deep sellers' territory (see graph below):

What Does This Mean for You When You Sell?

The housing market is getting really competitive right now, which means that buyers have to fight other people just for the chance at buying a house. This gives sellers an upper hand because they know their houses will be more expensive than normal due in part to increased competition and also bid-wars between potential customers!

The housing market is heating up, and that means buyers are motivated to buy before prices rise even more. Serious house-hunters will likely take advantage of the low supply by putting their homes on sale now so they can get a good deal from competitive markets where there's plenty available!

Bottom Line

The real estate market is booming and there are tons of opportunities for homeowners looking to make a move. Listing your house this season means you’ll have serious buyers who want in on the action, so let's connect!

-Suneet Agarwal

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