What is the Sacramento Housing Market Doing June 2022?

What is the Sacramento Housing Market Doing in June 2022? | Sacramento Market Update

It's that time of year again- it seems like just yesterday we were looking at houses and dreaming about where our next move would be. With all the news from last month, you might have been wondering if this real estate market is really as good or bad for your future home purchase? I'm here to answer any questions so make sure not to miss what's happening in June!

With the housing market finally making a shift towards pre-COVID levels, buyers are now gaining more power. But overall it remains an extremely strong seller's environment - so if you're looking to unload your home right now, this might be just what's needed!

The recent market update has given us some really interesting information on the state of real estate here in Sacramento. We're always looking for new ways to help our clients navigate through this competitive world, so be sure not to miss out by checking out all this helpful information!

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